Our Board of Directors

The 2019 Board of Directors:
Chair - Tim Zoll
Vice Chair - Larry Schellhammer

Asterisk (*) denotes Executive Committee.

Board of Directors 2019
Appointing Authority Name
Allamakee County Larry Schellhammer
Black Hawk County Craig White
Buchanan County Gary Gissel
Chickasaw County Tim Zoll
Clayton County Steve Doeppke
Delaware County Shirley Helmrichs*
Dubuque County Jay Wickham
Fayette County Janell Bradley
Grundy County Chuck Bakker
Howard County Pat Murray*
Winneshiek County Floyd Ashbacher*
First District Judicial Max Kirk
First District Judicial Linda Hall*
First District Judicial Linda Nilges
Eastern Advisory John Shook*
Northeast Advisory Jason Howes
Western Advisory Bob Greenlee